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Garage Door Service in Gastonia, NC

The team at Garage Door Repair of Gastonia offers quality garage door services to its customers. We can provide preventative maintenance to help keep your door working smoothly. If you are not sure when your garage door has last been inspected then now is the time to call.

Why Does Your Garage Door Need Regular Maintenance?

The average cost of a garage door can reach up to $3500 depending on the size, materials, and the features it has. Keeping your investment in good working order can go a long way to protecting your investment. If any part of your garage door system has even slight damage it can put a strain on the whole system causing it to fail. Keeping the parts of your garage door clean and free from debris is the first step in maintaining your door. You should also take some time each month to do your own visual inspection to look for any easily spotted concerns and make sure the door is operating correctly. A bent track or a worn spring can cause strain to your garage door opener which will cause it to fail and possibly damage your door when it does.

What You Can Expect From A Service Appointment

We call our scheduled maintenance appointment a Lube N Tune. That is because lubrication is a key part of garage door maintenance and repair. If your garage door is not properly lubricated than friction may be damaging your system. Our trained technicians will check over your garage door system and look for things like:
  • Bent Tracks
  • Worn Rollers
  • Visible Rust
  • Worn or Gapped Springs
  • Damage to Panels
When the inspection is complete, we’ll go over any areas of concern with you so they can be addressed. Different manufacturers may suggest a different maintenance schedule for their garage door but a good practice is to have your garage door inspected at least once a year.

Why Calling A Professional Makes Sense

While it might be tempting to try and do all your garage door maintenance yourself, there are some good reasons to choose a professional. Our technicians are trained to work on all makes and models of garage doors so they know exactly what to look for when inspecting a system. They may see issues that you will overlook. Our technicians also have the right tools to get the job done right and safely. They know the right type of lubricant for your garage door system and where it needs to go. Calling a professional can save you a lot of time and headaches by doing it right the first time.

Available For Emergency Service 24/7

If you do find yourself with a broken garage door, give us a call. We answer the phone 24/7 and will send a technician out to you as soon as possible. We understand the importance of keeping your garage door working for the safety of your home, property, and family.

Call Today to Schedule a Lube N Tune

The team at Garage Door Repair Gastonia are ready to help you with all your garage door service needs. Just give us a call. We are always here to answer. Call Now!

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